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Jeremy Martinson

Member since: 2nd Feb 2012
Location: Gorham, KS USA
Occupation: RPSGT/LPN
Interests: Art and Photography
Website: http://www.ponies-studios.com
Bio: Jeremy W. Martinson was born June 23rd 1971, in the town of Horton, Kansas. Much of his childhood was spent in the mountains of Colorado. However, he returned... Jeremy is... a bit like a rock star… Except he has no fame, fortune, groupies, and well… even a band! Also known as “Ponie” in certain circles Jeremy continues to have a dream, (or a vision if you will), of pursuing art as a career. However dark forces, so dark that they can’t even be seen, tend to ground him in this world commonly known as reality. Attending Fort Hays State University, Jeremy studied Art and Art Education but stumbled into a medical career. Still living in the waste lands of Kansas he works nights in a sleepcenter as a LPN/RPSGT. Also he served two terms as Mayor of Gorham, KS.
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