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Angel Of Death Wallpaper

by Lisa Herron

This piece was created for use as a wallpaper piece and can be downloaded from my gallery on DeviantART http://quicksilverfury.deviantart.com/. The base structure is from Photoshop custom shapes which I then added an outer glow using the layer blending options. The wings and ghost flames I created using the smudge tool. The wings were scanned as a sketch and then colored using photoshop soft brushes and the smudge tool. The skull and crossbones are made from redheadedstock brushes that can also be downloaded from DeviantART. The diamond jewels were created using the satin blending layer option and the bevil and emboss tools. The oval jewels were created using the elipse tool and custom gradient overlays and using the gaussian blur filter. The eye sparkle was created using the standard photoshop brush tools.
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