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Pieces Of Life

by Katy Aretxabaleta

Pieces of Life... <br/><br/> An Enormous Canvas <br/> Filled with a Picture <br/> Of the Unknown <br/> And the Unexpected <br/> Hopelessly searching this Image <br/> Seeking to find Its&#39; Rainbow <br/> Only to find <br/> Its&#39; Color has Turned to Tears of Grey <br/> As all of the Pieces are Torn away <br/><br/> ~*~ 12.09.07 ~*~ <br/><br/> by Katy J.Aretxabaleta <br/><br/> Thinking about my sister and about Life in general...I couldn&#39;t sleep and this is what has become of it... <br/><br/> This photo that I used for the stock was so emotive and it was perfect for what I was feeling and trying to express...Loneliness, Loss, Hopelessness, Darkness & Despair...all of these things...I had lost one of my sisters on the 8th of this past December, I made this while waiting the autopsy and to go to her wake and Funeral, I was really thinking hard about life and death, trying to make sense of it, trying to understand why everything we ever love is always torn away from us and to express what I was feeling and how I was dealing with it...It holds a lot of sentiment to me ... and was the last thing I could do for my sister as she left this world... <br/><br/> Created while listening to the song "Pieces of Life" by "Sean Henry" (Composer) whom I give permission to use as his track image: <br/><br/> http://profile.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=123783377&MyToken=cab4097c-3dee-478a-9baa-e1427dba5571 <br/><br/> http://www.sectionzmusic.com /artist.asp?SZID=25858 <br/><br/> Stock: <br/><br/> Is composed of one image/photo by "raflower" @ [link] from SXC http://www.sxc.hu <br/><br/> The rest is technique and tools of PS CS2
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  • 12/03 2009

    Nina Y

    One of my fav images from you. Bravo!